Selected excerpts from the first two titles in the Hattie Farwell Mystery Series

Mission: Murder

She disappeared down the hall toward the back of the house while Hattie was putting on her cape. Suddenly, she heard Brooke scream, followed by the terrible clatter of someone falling down a flight of wooden stairs.

Hattie dropped her purse, the plastic bag containing Annie’s purse and her cape, and ran toward the cellar stairs. The coat closet door was open, but Hattie was so alarmed about Brooke that the fact did not register with her. Too late, she realized that someone was hiding behind the door. Before she could react, she was shoved into the closet and the door was slammed shut.

Hattie fumbled in the dark for the doorknob. During her frantic groping, she heard the front door close noisily. When she finally released herself from the closet, there was no one in sight.

She ran back to the cellar stairs in time to see a dazed Brooke stumbling from the top step into the pantry. “Did you fall down the stairs? Or did someone push you? Do you need a doctor?” Hattie cried.

“I’m not hurt,” said Brooke. “And I didn’t see anyone, but someone did push me down the stairs.”

# # #

Stalker In The Woods

He felt his way into the front room and crouched under the stairs like a great creature of prey, every nerve alert. He heard another woman’s voice talking to Donna and the children. The one thing he never expected was that they would bring someone home with them.

He was shocked that they even knew anyone to bring home. Where had he failed when he was spying on Donna all those days?

The hair stood up on the back of his neck when he heard one of the children say that the dog was as big as a pony! His alarm increased when he heard something sniffing at the door at the top of the stairs! He felt pretty certain that he knew the dog that blocked his way up into the house.

He remembered twice seeing a huge gray animal slinking silently through the woods. At first he’d believed it was a wolf, especially the day he’d suddenly come face to face with the beast. It had stared at him menacingly with those startling yellow eyes.

He remembered running a few short yards to his truck, jumping in and locking the doors. The creature had charged right behind him, put its front paws on the door and stood on its hind legs, staring at him through the closed window. Then it had barked, making him realize it might be just a dog, but still it terrified him.

Now it had him trapped in the basement, unless he wanted to climb through one of those high windows, and he didn’t.

# # #